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    Rohan, Gondor's neighbour to the North, was once part of Gondor. Indeed, Rohan's King Thengel lived in Gondor in his youth, married a Gondorian wife, Morwen of Lossarnach, and raised most of his children in Gondor, bringing a distinctly Dunedain flavour to the realm of the Horse-Lords when at last he returned to Rohan on his father Fengel's death. Sindarin was Theoden's birth-tongue, and his family spoke it more readily than Rohirric. But other than names, we are given little of Thengel's descendants before the War of the Ring. Who were they? What were they like? We can be sure of one thing - mischievous, youthful antics will abound in such a wild land. :) (That means, THERE WILL BE SPANKING IN THIS SERIES. Don't like, you know where the 'back' button is. :) )