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Please note: All of my RPF/band-fiction is locked to AO3 members only, unless submitted for an open challenge such as Yuletide.


I would backdate all stories if I were more organized...perhaps in the future. But a general timeline of my writing would go something like this (I tend to be a bit of a serial monogamist, though I'll sometimes revisit old flames from time to time):

The A-Team: 1995-97
Xena, Babylon 5, seaQuest: 1997-99
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: 1999-2000
Brimstone, Shanghai Noon: 1999-2003
Music RPF: 2003 -2014
Law & Order SVU: 2015 - present.

Avatar artwork is from a commissioned work by the amazing Beed - do check out the complete artwork, it's too lovely!

Want to get in touch? You can find me at tumblr, livejournal and dreamwidth. I also run the Texts from Munch and Fin blog on Tumblr.