My pseuds:
beililee, sapphoatsunset
I joined on:
I live in:
United States


Transformative Works Policy:
I welcome podfic of anything I've written as long as you drop me a note [LJ][DW][Email] to inform me so I can have a listen too. (And thank you as soon as I do.) Regarding remixes, please contact me in advance and ask if it is okay, specifying which work you would like to tell from a new angle. I'd rather evaluate on a case by case basis than give blanket permission. For other types of transformative works that I may be unaware of, feel free to contact me and we can discuss.

It is not okay with me if you re-post my work elsewhere or translate them without permission.

Hello there! You've reached the AO3 Archive of beililee/sapphoatsunset. I'm an engineer by day, and writer in my free time. I also create graphics and have started podficcing--it's early days yet. I enjoy various fandoms and may eventually write for more than are currently listed on my dashboard. I'm a bit sucked into HP as I write this (20 Jan 2013), but ideas may fit other fandoms better later. We shall see.

Currently, I have written for (in broad categories):
- Super Junior [likely will not write any more here]
- Johnny's Entertainment
- Japanese Rock
- Japanese RPF
- Asian Dramas
- Harry Potter
- Sherlock
- Shakespeare

Finally, if you have any critique to give, I would like to request that you contact me and give it in private. I know there are whole communities out there that exist to critique others in a public forum--not necessarily with the author's knowledge--and I can't approve of such activity. If you have an issue with me or my work, there are contact links above. Please use one and contact me privately.

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy~! ♥