all my stumbling phrases never amounted to anything worth this feeling...

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lullabyforahelix, princessofdarkangst, sapphire2309, womenlovewomen
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Hi! You can call me Tanya. I prefer she/her pronouns. My appearance is fairly androgynous. My preferred word for my sexuality is sapphic.

When the muse strikes, I write fanfiction. My main fandoms right now are Person of Interest and White Collar, though I have written in other fandoms, and posted thoughts about other shows. The best place to browse my fanfic would be here under the pseud sapphire2309 on AO3. The second best would be the various fandom tags at my DW, which are used exclusively for fanworks.

I've created another pseud for podfics - lullabyforahelix, so named because I typically play a podfic to get myself to sleep on the nights when the insomnia is bad, making it something of a lullaby for me. Re: helix - I really wanted the word helix, and apparently helix (also) refers to the rim of the ear, so it works?

I may also toss fanmixes I've made/will make onto lullabyforahelix.

I'm most active over at Dreamwidth as sapphire2309, where I post a mix of mental health crap, random tv show thoughts, and the occasional meme.

I write poetry sometimes. I keep those words at afirelullaby. This tumblr is very sedate and organised.

I also have another tumblr - sapphire2309. This tumblr is a typical tumblr tumblr. It is an emotional rollercoaster and also completely random. Kinda like me.

I hereby grant myself permission to suck.

BLANKET PERMISSION STATEMENT - I hereby grant any fannishly inclined person blanket permission to transform any of my works in any way they'd like. I only ask that you link back to the work you've chosen to transform. I'd be endlessly delighted if you linked me to the finished product - I'd love to see what you come up with!