Girl under a Distant Sun

My pseuds:
Andrian, Masian, salable_mystic
I joined on:
I live in:
a town under a distant sun (in Germany)


Once upon a time, I thought I might try my hand at writing fiction ... and so I did. I basically spent around 9 months crunching out ~125'000 words in various fandoms, letting it eat my free time and basically turning those nine months into an awesome ride of creative joy - and then life got busier and other shiny things took over the time I'd spent writing - then I spent some years not writing much at all, and now I think I am slowly finding my way back, dabbling a little from time to time, and challenges intrigue me and keep me focused (it seems that I've written all my major fic for various challenges).

So, you know, I'll be trying to collect all my fic here (so it's all in one place) and maybe occassionally add the odd new story or two.