My pseuds:
lady_krysis, saekhwa
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I'm on Tumblr as saekhwa for the pretty pictures and the witty captions. I'm also at Dreamwidth: [personal profile] saekhwa

My Policy on Warnings:
I warn for noncon/rape, dubcon, major character death, and incest. I endeavor to be courteous and respectful of potentially triggering content and utilize a number of content tags for fic archived here. So if you feel uncomfortable contacting me about what my fic might include, then I advise reading my fic here on AO3. I am much more likely to at least tag for something here than I am to list it in a 'Content Notice' in my journal.

Transformative Works:
I'm a huge proponent of Creative Commons and utterly adore transformative works, so you don't need to ask for my permission in advance to translate, remix, podfic, fanart, vid, meta, craft or create any type of secondary fanwork of any fanworks that I post. When you link to my work, I prefer that you link to the fanwork that's posted here, and if you're willing, please share a link of your work, so I can squee and flail and draw ridiculous hearts everywhere.

If you need to contact me for any reason, you can either message me on Tumblr or e-mail me at setjae[at]gmail[dot]com.