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Thirtysomething software engineer with an assortment of hobbies that I get into as the mood strikes me. In addition to writing, I draw, compose piano music, sing, lift weights, play video games, and make a cosplay costume once in a blue moon. I'm living happily ever after with the ogre I married and two cats who think they run the place.

Three Kingdoms fandom appeals to me as a longstanding tradition of transformative pop culture, from folk tales and Chinese opera to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and modern media of all stripes. Dynasty Warriors and other 3K variants inspire me to write fan-recognizable character interpretations with plenty of room for my own detail and influence.

Interested in rubber reality psychological horror inspired by works such as Jacob's Ladder and the Silent Hill games? Check out Resonance at my FictionPress account. (Last update - Chapter 15, posted 4/14/2010)