My pseuds:
masked_mouse, russian_blue, swan_tower
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Mostly I'm a professional writer, but sometimes my brain craves relaxation time with stories that can't possibly be turned into actual work. When Yuletide 2010 rolled around, I decided that was a dandy time to dip my toe in the fanfiction waters, and I had so much fun I came back for another year -- and wrote some other fics in the interim. I don't inhabit any particular fandom, though (aside from the old fairy-tale retellings I recently posted); I'm in it more because I get mugged by a shiny plot idea for a particular source, and then wander on when that's done. So if my list of fandoms seems to be all over the place, well, you're not wrong. :-)

If you want to find me, head on over to LJ.

(Why "russian_blue"? Because they're a playful breed of cat, and the whole point of doing this is to play.)