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  • Nonbinary queer thing with glasses. I prefer they/them, but he and she are also fine
  • Art Nerd Supreme™
  • Really like ladies
  • Long time resident of Rarepair Hell™
  • Oneshots > longfics (writing them, though the latter can happen)
  • Exploring possibilities > writing fics in the same timeline
  • Editing and finishing first > posting as you write
  • Actually a walking salt container
  • My health is not the best and I prioritize making sure I'm okay over things I do online, so I apologize if I take forever to post updates/respond to comments

@ tumblr and FFnet
icon art by my dear friend Smam


Multichapter Projects updated 6/14/17

  • I'm the Darkness, You're the Starlight - on hiatus
  • Darill/Maria/Setzer pre-canon porn w/ plot (E) - draft sent to beta reader
  • Rinoa-centric pre-canon (M) - need to edit
  • Transistor pre-canon (T) - planning
  • Transistor AU (T) - planning