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Thank you for stopping by! If you'd like something beyond fic, try my fandom & lit crit journals. If you are looking for answers about the issue of someone unofficially continuing a story I have on hiatus (due to ill health, fics are delayed, but I am still working!) please see my response here.

Prince of Tennis
Chapters 11-60 of Since Last Goodbye: 3rd in project queue. Christmas Stories updates every Christmas, naturally. The end of The Rules Saga: 2nd in my project queue.
"Fifteen Mokona on a Dead Man's Chest" is a gift AU for Beltenebra. Around every December/January and every March, you'll see new chapters. Most of the time, these will be a complete story, but I reserve the right to split longer ones. For those more interested in canon than pirates or ninjas, I'll be trying to complete the "Dream" arc of my Tokyo Babylon rewrite, In You, 4th in my project queue... but don't hold your breath. Getting Subaru's perspective down on paper is psychologically exhausting.
Chapters 4 through 25 of The Butterfly Effect is #1 in my WIP-finishing queue. New chapters of The Homecoming Saga are simmering over low heat until caramel-colored, and I have no ETA. That doesn't mean I'm not writing it. I just don't release anything I don't like. A rock band AU is forthcoming, after I fulfill promises to release more Butterfly Effect.
Fullmetal Alchemist
Button Up Your Overcoat is finished! Sequel creation TBD.
Marvel: Earth-2.71828
Make Yourself At Home and sequels to be updated at random, or after In You (so 5th in my queue).

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