I look at Helena and I see me.

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[ukrainian accent] Hhallo, friend.

I'm completely and all-consumingly in love with Helena; if you talk badly about her I will gut you like a fish. I love writing Helena and I love talking about Helena. Come talk to me about Helena -- again, do not talk badly about her. See earlier re: gutting & fish.

When I'm not ranting at anyone who will listen about Helena's growth and what a bright and beautiful soul she is I'm likely to be ranting at anyone who will listen about Rachel Duncan, and how terrible she is, and how much I would like her to win everything.

My taste, if you haven't noticed, is impeccable.

Anyways -- my love for Rachel is probably at 10% of my love for Helena but that's still pretty strong. I care more about the sestre than I care about anything, but Propunk is definitely my shipping OTP. In fact, I am intensely passionate about any combination of the True Triumvirate. Helena and Sarah? Horrified wailing. Rachel and Sarah? Always. Rachel and Helena? God, more than you know. All three of them? Yes, yes, a million times yes. I will write it. I will write all of it.

Other things I like writing: wolf metaphors, ocean metaphors, anything that plays with formatting, any weird plot conceits. I dig reading all this stuff, too.

When I'm not writing about brainwashed blonde clones I love reading, taking walks, listening to music, and basically soaking everything in. You can often find me walking while beaming up at the sky like an idiot.

I adore talking about characters and my writing choices, so come hit me up! I don't bite unless you ask very nicely. ;)