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For updates, discussion of the Donutverse and other stories, drabbles and so on, come find me at

I'm a new fanfic author, publishing mostly Glee stories, since May 2011. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it all seems to be coming out very, very quickly, with more on the way. Feedback is really appreciated. I'm a grownup and can handle criticism.

Why I Write
I write because I have to. It's not a choice, it's a burning, crazy need. I feed my muse; my muse feeds me. It works.

What's all this about the Donutverse?
Would you believe it's complicated? The summary is here. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

All these cross-pairings and threesomes make my head hurt... do you write anything with monogamous characters?
These Magic Changes My Love Arranges is Puckurt, as is Master of the House. Gold Mine and So Nothing's Left Unturned are both Puckofsky with Kurt friendship, kind of. Road Trip is Puck/Finn, also with Kurt friendship. Just That Side of True is Will/OMC (Toby), and is just about the sweetest most romantic thing you've ever read.

Gah! Too much sex! Anything suitable for general consumption?
Why, yes. 1000 Sarahs (Sarah Puckerman/OFC friendship) and Terrific, Radiant, Humble (Blaine/Santana friendship) are primarily kidfic and do not contain any sex, though there may be some risque phrases and swearing. Both do contain references to slash relationships, polyamory and other adult concepts, though.

Thank you to all the commenters -- you are my life's blood.

I feel overjoyed when you listen to my words
I see them sinking in
I see them crawling underneath your skin
Words are all we have
We'll be talking, we'll be talking
And I hear you calling in the dead of night

- "Overjoyed," Bastille