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I post podfic really irregularly. All my podfic is posted here, and most of it is cross posted to the audiofic archive. If you're an author checking me out because I asked your permission to podfic your work, please see my open letter to you: What I'm talking about when I talk about recording your fic as podfic.

I'm primarily a small fandom podficcer. I'm multifannish and multishipping, with a special fondness for awesome women being awesome. I do enjoy several very large fandoms, but the bulk of my fannish output is in the little fandoms, or involves lesser-explored characters and/or pairings from bigger fandoms.

Much of what I record is gen, but I also enjoy recording femslash, slash, and het. Being a multishipper, it's kind of all over the place pairings-wise.

If you're interested in repodding, remixing, making cover art, or otherwise doing something transformative with one of my podfics, go right ahead! I offer blanket permission. Keep in mind that for repods or remixes you may still need to seek the author's permission - not all the authors I record have blanket policies. You don't need to contact me ahead of time, but when you're done, please send me a link! I'd love to see/hear what you've done!