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Hi. You can find me on Dreamwidth. I also hang out on tumblr.

I make fanart sometimes. You'll find it in my masterlist.

I give BLANKET PERMISSION to create transformative works of my works.
This means: you can podfic, translate, write fanfic of, remix, knit, whatever you want - any of my works. This blanket permission excludes nothing. You don't have to ask before you set out to do whatever you do; I only ask that you provide me with a link to the finished product once you're done so that I can link to it in my masterlist and also show it off to all my friends. I also ask that you don't repost any of my works anywhere.

You can contact me on DW, tumblr, or via email: nerakrose at gmail dot com.


1. Where is House of Cards/House of Love?
I took those fics down. Please stop asking me about them and for the love of everything that is good in this world, please don't ruin my mornings and stop commenting on other fics of mine to ask me about them. Have the decency to check my profile where a) you'll find the answer to your question right here and b) you can find three different ways to contact me that aren't commenting on unrelated fics. Thanks.

2. Why did you take Hoc/HoL/other fic down?
For a lot of reasons, but primarily because that series perpetuated a lot of shitty and harmful stereotypes that I wasn't aware of when I wrote it in the first place. I don't rewrite/fix older works that have problematic content and instead I'll either a) take down the fic or b) add a disclaimer.

3. Why were you rude to me when I asked you about ____?
See #1. If you're an asshole to me, I have no problem being rude to you.