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I'm on tumblr as multsicorn. Only intermittently active, but I always love to chat!

Older fic and occasional incomplete snippets are in my fic tag over there.

I tend to be monofannish(ish). Currently writing mostly Check, Please! fic and reading mostly Hockey RPF; these things tend to change every once in a while, without much warning.

Blanket Permission Statement: You may podfic, translate, write sequels/prequels/remixes/etc., or make fanart or any sort of other fanwork from anything I've written. You don't have to tell me, though I'd be flattered if anyone wanted to :).

(re: podfic, specifically. I'm super thrilled and flattered that people have chosen to podfic stories I wrote, but, I don't listen to podfic, the format just doesn't work for me, which I'm saying next to the blanket permission statement just to avoid some awkwardness preemptively.)