The Queen Of Tease

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I write fics using My Chemical Romance members, as well as members from the following bands:

Fall Out Boy
Panic at the Disco
The Used
Starship Cobra
and a few random others.

I have a few different series here on AO3:
MCR Hentai Fan Fic
MCR Anime Fan Fic
Writing With Killjoys
just to name a few. ^0^

I'm the proud writer of over 100 fics now! 1 of the top 20 MCR fics is Bondage Mansion! It has over 23,000 hits & is my baby! ^-^

I love to write alone & with other KIlljoys. Some of the stories are their original ideas, but it is the magick of us writing together that makes the story amazing. ^-^

My solo stories are harder w/ some writers block, but I put love into each one! some are my ideas, other are movies, songs, anime, hentai, or even books! I find inspiration everywhere! ^-^

I write:
Freard ~ My OTP AlWays
Fraycest ~ My OT3 AlWays
Yes, I write Waycest because I know it is fiction and I can separate the real life people from my characters, therefore I can handle it...can you?

These are my co-authors~
And one with ***RedRomRomance***

Any other names associated are betas or gifts. The notes will give you a clue! ^-^

I enjoy kudos & comments on all my fics, new or old & answer them all, even the ones that are only one word. I like to update my fics in a certain order, so that they rotate fairly well. You can usually tell what fic is coming up next, but not alWays. I promise to always answer comments even years later. ^-^

Thank you for reading my creations & you are more than welcome to follow me on Facebook at Nene Joslyn, Twitter @mizuki_hana2 or Tumblr @momiji-neyuki-ao3 ^-^
Please enjoy my writing, all my love,

~The Queen of Tease~