The Queen Of Tease

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I write anime and hentai based fics using My Chemical Romance members, as well as members from the following bands:

Fall Out Boy
Panic at the Disco
The Academy Is
The Used
Green Day
and a few random others.

I currently run five main series on AO3 My Home Away From Home
MCR Hentai Fan Fic
MCR Anime Fan Fic
Writing With Killjoys
My Bandom Contributions
MCR One Shots~ Part of Bandom.


Fair warning~I write long chapters! I mean nothing under 3000 words unless I had a reason to. My longest for a current fic in 43,000+ and that was a collaboration with another writer on AO3. My longest personally is 8000+. You have been warned. @~@


I write:
Freard ~ My OTP AlWays
Fraycest ~ My OT3 AlWays
and a few other common ships.

Yes, I write Waycest because I know it is fiction and I can separate the real life people from my characters, there for i can handle it...can you?

When someone is awesome enough to leave a comment for me or my fic pet ***RedRomRomance*** & my beautiful betafishy***Trixgrl*** ~ we truly prefer honest opinions about the chapter or fic as a whole and not questions about the next update. I write between five and seven fics at a shot and I update them in the order that I start them in. Some are a few chapters and some are fucking long like the epic Bondage Mansion. I write for Bandom and have a few one shots too.. Either way badgering us or me will get no results. Just a friendly warning. That being said i still welcome all comments and I answer them even if they are short and simple. ^-^

Thank you for reading my creations and you are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter @mizuki_hana2 or Nene Joslyn on Facebook.
Please enjoy my writing, all my love,

~The Queen of Tease~