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    This is a series that follows Sadayo Kawakami and Akira Kurusu from Persona 5. It is a compilation of stories that I came up with, three of which take place six-years after the main game and so far one is only a few months, and follows how they slowly become more comfortable with each other. From fights, to telling their friends and family, to what could be considered their official first dates, it's a simple series of stories that follows to unlikely people who fell in love. While it is an unconventional idea, I enjoy this pairing, it's my favorite from the game and a rather intriguing concept. While there are some parts of it that in real life I would have minor issues with, I set those aside to dive deeper into the psyches of these two and see how their pasts will come to reflect their future together and with their family, friends, and soon to be children.