a merry ghoul

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United States


I was formerly vmarigoldabrams here because it has taken me years to realize exactly how changing usernames work.

I'm also merryghoul [formerly missvmarigold] on LJ, DW and Pinboard, where the majority of my recs are.

I give blanket permission for anyone to remix my work in any way, as long as I'm tipped off about it first and my original works are credited.

I don't do fic requests. Please don't submit any on AO3 or any of my journals.

Praise and constructive criticism of my works are welcome. I do have the right to ignore and/or delete comments. (I've opted to see all comments through my email, so I will see your comment even if I don't respond to it.)

I may write things that may be upsetting to others. I do strive to use, at the very least, the archive's warnings, per AO3 rules. I appreciate suggestions for additional tags, but please check out all the warnings in the header before reading and making suggestions. Also, I have the right to ignore any and all tag suggestions. Thanks.

My works may not be copied and posted on other sites for any reason. (But please do feel free to download my work and save it for private use, if you wish.)