My pseuds:
meinterrupted, shinykari
I joined on:


NOTE as of 11 May 2016: I have created a new pseud, 'shinykari,' and moved my recent work to that name. Not sure if/how this might affect subscriptions, but since I've been going by that name for several years now, the change was long overdue.


You can also find me at Dreamwidth (inactive), LiveJournal (inactive), and Tumblr (too active).

Transformative Works Policy: Can be found on my DW here. Short answer: yes, just let me know!

Because I'm proactive, and this has become An Issue in Fandom These Days: I do not give permission for any media outlet or for-profit website to link, promote, distribute, or in any way disseminate any of my fanworks. If you would like to link me, my contact information is easy to find, but I'm probably going to say no.
That means you, Aja/TheDailyDot. Go away.