Continuing to try this fannish thing

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majoline, margi_lynn
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Well, shucks. After a long time of being a nervous lurker, I'm finally participating fully in fandom :D. I've almost gotten all the bits I've done over the years up, but I'm now writing to enjoy participating and my love of canon. Warning: I'm a short burst sort of author and I love podfic and digital art.

I'm officially back on LJ @ and I don't yet have a tumblr.

Transformative works: I grant blanket permission to create any kind of transformative work based on my fanwork, including but not limited to: art, icons, graphics, vids, audiofic, sequels/prequels/other things set in the same universe, remixes/repods, meta, translation, crafts, etc.

Please do drop me a line so I can coo!

However, I ask that archiving/redistribution doesn't happen without my permission.

[edit Dec 8 2015] If you want to chat (I don't bite) you can email me at


I have a completely disorganized not very well kept up with grab-bag of recs at