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I write lots of things; mostly Hunger Games, but I play around in lots of fandoms, usually with the characters people don't think too much about. District Two is my heart-place, and I guarantee I have thought more about it and Career training than almost anyone alive. I also write a lot of Hunger Games/Avengers crossovers, which you can find either here on AO3 or on my LJ/DW. I write a lot of 'what if' AUs and random crossovers which usually don't get posted. Ask me if you're curious.

I write romance sometimes, but I like people more than I like sex, so expect a lot of gen. I write a lot of feelings and very little porn.

For Hunger Games shared-headcanon tie-ins see kawuli, penfold, xanify and azelmaroark.

If you want to talk to me about fannish things, you can stalk me on Twitter, Dreamwidth/LiveJournal, or Tumblr.