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  1. Summary

    Leonard Karofsky-Hummel is Dave Karofsky's and Kurt Hummel's first son. Blaine Anderson is Kurt's first boyfriend and first highschool love. Somehow, in each and every instance of the universe as we know it, in every time and space, no matter the circumstances, they're destined to meet, and love is destined to bloom between them. They're a time-space continuum constant, and them failing to meet, or to fall in love, or to stick together could cause the universe to collapse on itself, disappearing into the void.
    These are their many stories.

  2. Summary

    There's an ancient, ancient school on the Land of Titania. Such an ancient school, actually, no one even remember when it was founded. Since the beginning of time, it's been home to millions of young ones from all around the Lands, teaching them all they needed to know to fend for themselves in a world in which not even being young and innocent guarantees you'll stay out of troubles -- and in this world, troubles may be fatal.
    These are the stories of some of them.

  3. Summary

    The final showdown between the Shadowhunters and Sebastian ended with Sebastian cleansed by the power of the Heavenly Fire. Everybody involved was expecting him to die, but that didn't happen. Sebastian survived, a different man than the one they knew, and was held in prison while outside the Fair Folk arose against the Council and all Nephilim in retaliation for the unfair treaty that has been imposed on them as a consequence of the Dark War.
    The war has been going on three years when Clary, knowing the Nephilim can't withstand a single day of battle more, comes up with a plan that's supposedly going to end hostilities once and for all.
    The plan fails, and Clary dies, but hostilities end anyway when, hearing of his sister's death, Sebastian escapes the prison and kills the Seelie Queen, together with a hundred fairies, soon disappearing into thin air.
    Only Alec's left to face the situation, together with Magnus' help, trying to balance his obligations as temporary head of the New York Institute aiming to be appointed as permanent one, his worries about his constantly disappearing parabatai, the search for Sebastian, having to deal with the destruction caused by the War and taking care of Jace's son, Thomas.