My pseuds:
Feather, lalaietha, MerryArwen
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I live in:
Vancouver, BC


An idle student of English and History, an obsessive world-builder and occasional dabbler in borrowing other people's worlds.

My username was chosen kind of thoughtlessly for Yuletide 2009 and now I'm stuck with it. *g* Here is a pronunciation audioguide if you want one; it's a word from a conlang.

A note worth putting up: "series" for me is as much a place to put fics that all happen in the same "world" as it is an actual plotted out series, depending on the fics. As such most "series" will remain open/apparently "unfinished" until such time as I know I am done with that fandom. (I almost never have two versions of the same fandom-story running in my head.)