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Transformative works policy: While I have not written fic, I have posted podfic and meta on the Internet. Anything that I've publicly posted is, I feel, no longer in my control, and I am comfortable with that. Use it however you would like! All I can do is make a request that if you use my work, you treat it with kindness and respect, whatever that means to you.

Also, I do not think that permission from a podficcer should be a requirement for repodding, but just to put it out there, I am comfortable and happy with the idea of other podficcers making other versions of any podfic I have done. (If I'm in the middle of a podfic WIP and you are working on a podfic of the same fic, I'd love for us to touch base and discuss the possibility of syncing up posting schedules! But again, of course, that's just a preference and not something that I expect or that I want anybody to feel restricted by.)

Additional policies: I will always follow an author's stated wishes about podfic at the time that I create and post the podfic, and I will never post without explicit permission, whether through blanket policy or through author contact. If an author's wishes change after the podfic has been posted, I am open to considering a takedown of my work, but only if we have first at least tried to find an alternate solution that would meet the author's needs without my work being deleted.

Tumblr: podklb
Dreamwidth: klb