take me out to the black (tell 'em all I ain't comin' back)

My pseuds:
Jedi Buttercup, jedibuttercup
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I've been writing in fandom since 2002; I started in Buffy & Angel fandom, then moved to crossovers in 2004, and have spread out widely ever since in dozens and dozens of fandoms with fic of all shapes, sizes, and textures.

2006 was the first year I participated in Yuletide; I've written at least one story for the challenge every year since. I also frequently dabble in other challenges, including other exchanges like crossovering and Not Prime Time; the August fic fest at TwistedShorts; select prompt lists; and the occasional Big Bang.

Disclaimer: if you've come to this profile through one of my (very few) longer WIPs and want to know when more chapters will arrive: I'm aware that some of them tend to lag months or years between updates. The Muse comes and goes for my epic plotbunnies, and I find it difficult to write for them depending on the level of RL stress going on. But I WILL FINISH my WIPs eventually. I am working on them! That means NO, I will neither abandon nor adopt any of them out, and I am not in need of any betas or writing partners. Patience, please.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Cleaning up my requests lists and a current exchange or two; then the next WIP on the priority list, "Back Again, Harry?"