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I like Snape.

And I like all interpretations of him. I like him whether he's good, and kind, and well intentioned - or whether he's nasty, and mean, and spiteful. I like him whatever his orientation, and whoever he is paired with.

I like putting him through the wringer until your heart yearns, and occasionally, even giving him the sort of break that he never received in canon.

I like him as an awkward kid, and as a gawky teen, and as a young and inexperienced teacher. I like him as an commanding adult, and a terrifying professor, and a brave man who survives the war against all odds.

I like him as a Death Eater who is fearsome, and as a Death Eater who is terrified. I like him as a spy who is courageous, and as a spy who is trembling each time he is summoned.

I like a Snape who is inexperienced. I like a Snape who knows what he is doing. I like a Snape who has never succumbed to temptation, and a Snape who is hopelessly addicted to a string of vices.

I like Snape.

But most of all, I like reading about Snape, and writing about Snape - and all of the characters around him, who help make him the character that he is.

I hope, amongst all of the interpretations of Snape that I write, you find something that resonates with you.

I am happy to accept prompts if you have something specific you wish to read. My ask box on Tumblr is always open.

Thank you for reading.