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I'm in the process of deleting or locking almost all of my fic, not only on Ao3, but anywhere else it was previously located. While I am no longer posting fanfiction, I am very much still writing, and even getting paid for it these days. I hope to sometime in the near future be able to share some links for some of that writing with any of you who might be interested.

I don't know if anyone is actually going to read this profile, or if my slow deletion of fics will be much noticed, and part of me feels like this note is both silly and self-important. However, since I am still getting comments and kudos from readers daily, and since I notice and appreciate every single one of those, I felt like I needed to put a message out to all of you. Every single person who has read my fic over the past decade, who has commented, who has talked with me about stories, has made me a better writer and helped me grow as a person. The outpouring of support and love my writing has been shown has always felt like more than I deserved, and I am incredibly thankful for every reader, across fandoms, over all these years.

There are a half dozen work that, as of right now, I plan to always leave here. Everything else will be removed in stages.

Thank you again for your constant support.