Exceptional Fast Food, Exceptional Dance Moves

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The northeastern US


Pundit fic ghost.

Appears late at night, when the only companions left are bourbon and old remixes from, like, 1998-2006. Scary business, that is.


Hey, so, my archive is a complete mess forever. Sorry for that. I moved a bunch of stuff over from DW and it destroyed a bunch of the line breaks.

I also privatized a lot, as the government is wont to do, but (still) I do plan to republish some of them, eventually... (Sorry for that?) Most everything is still available as long as you are logged in.

I've fixed a few stories, but life is busy right now, as it always is, so please bear with me for a while. A long while.

Possibly forever. Ever. Pretty much forever.


I mentioned forever?


If, by some ungodly act of Laima, you are looking for a particular fic that you can't find, put something in my inbox, and I will see what I can do.