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Anders is my bae, Nathaniel is my love.

Tottenham Hotspur, RMCF, Feyenoord, Spanish MNT, Netherlands MNT for life. Belgium MNT as my forever side boo. Dries makes me smile.

My stories are all fictional. I claim no ownership of the fictional characters copyrighted to others.

Please read the warnings on each story. If you think I should have warned for something and didn't, please let me know.

Feedback is always exciting, but it's not required. If you'd rather lurk, that's cool, too. Just enjoy the fics.

I give blanket permission to use my fics for pretty much anything (podfic, remix, translations, fanart, re-pod, re-records, other stuff). If you use it, I'd love it if you'd drop me a line and let me know about it so I can check it out and heap praise and love on you. A few conditions I'd ask, however:

  • Do not repost my stories or related content (podfic) anywhere public (including member-locked communities) without my knowledge. Copying to your hard drive or printing them out for your personal archive is fine, same goes for sharing via email between friends - though not mailing lists.
  • You may post the finished work to any fandom comm/website you like, archive it wherever you wish, but let me know when your work is posted.
  • This permission only extends to podfics being shared within fandom and for free. If you would like to use the work (now or in the future) in any other capacity, please contact me first.