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Anders is my bae, Nathaniel is my love.

Tottenham Hotspur, RMCF, Feyenoord, Spanish MNT, Netherlands MNT for life. Belgium MNT as my forever side boo. Dries makes me smile.

I make stuff up.

My stories are all fictional.

Please read the warnings on each story. If you think I should have warned for something and didn't, please let me know.

I give blanket permission to use my fics for pretty much anything (podfic, remix, translations, fanart, re-pod, re-records, other stuff--have fun!) as long as no money/profit is involved. Podfic for charity is fine. If you use it, I'd love it if you'd drop me a line and let me know about it so I can check it out and heap praise and love on you.

However, please don't copy/paste my fics anywhere without my knowledge.

You can find me on Tumblr and twitter.