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Yes, my user name is Japanese (and written 祈るの星). I first came up with it in 2006 when searching for a nick to use on NaNoWriMo, as I'd forgotten the password for the account I'd originally signed up with in 2004.

Since then, it's become my default 'net name - with the added bonus of being so unique that I've only ever come across it - or the shortened variation of Inoru, which, yes, at this point I would totally answer to IRL - in use by someone who's not me once. Crazy odds, right?

So basically anywhere on the 'net you run across inoru_no_hoshi/Inoru no Hoshi - or Inoru - odds are, it's me. :D

Less interestingly, I'm mostly deaf (and always willing to discuss, if you want to ask!), ridiculously multi-fandom, snarky, cheerful, prone to depression, love playing Go, love writing, art, learning, my friends, being crafty, and having fun.

I volunteer on Dreamwidth, so you may expect me to sing its praises.

My policy on transformative works is: if you're inspired by something I've done to do something similar, just make sure I get mentioned and, preferably, a link-back to the relevant work. If you want to do fanart, go ahead! But please link me to it so I can squee and love on you. ;) If you want to podfic or translate something, please ask first (but I'm not going to blow a gasket if you don't), and give a link-back to the original (and link me to it; I'd love to see it!).

You may not, in any way, archive or post/claim as your own anything I have created; I archive where I am comfortable doing so, and the latter is flat-out plagiarism and will not be tolerated (the sole exception is if I've signed up for a fest where, for whatever reason, the mods do the initial posting).