hop hop hop

My pseuds:
amindamazed, hophophop
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North America, closer to the Atlantic than the Pacific (alas)


"Hop!" the child said.
It was better than no story at all.
"Hop!" said the great-grandmother.
—Ursula K. Le Guin, "Half-Past Four"

I use the amindamazed pseud for works created as part of fic exchanges/challenges. everything else is under hophophop.

amindamazed on twitter & tumblr, where I post about time & space on Elementary (and not much else)

I love feedback — what works, what doesn't — and comments are always welcome. Thanks for reading.

You're welcome to podfic, remix, or otherwise transform my solo-authored works. Just let me know & send me a link so I can enjoy what you made.