my sneaky rage spiral is really more of a sun-devouring nautilus.

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Hi, I'm Gins. As in, "I spent yesterday evening sampling all the gins at the bar," which also, coincidentally, has better than even odds of being true.

    Important info on...
  • ...ratings: I only rate fic as "Teen", "Mature", or "Explicit". "Explicit" means the fic contains explicit sex or violence. "Mature" means that while not explicit, a fic contains mature themes. I use "Teen" for everything else. I don't use the "General" rating, and I consider all my work to be created for an adult audience. If you are under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please go elsewhere.
  • ...warnings: The only warnings I use are "underage", "consent issues", and "disturbing content". As a rule, I will not elaborate on any of these warnings in story notes , though you are always welcome to email me for a clarification before reading (here's why). I take such inquiries seriously and will respond to the very best of my ability. Please note in particular that my own tolerance for dark or disturbing content may be different from your own: use your own judgment when deciding whether or not to read.

When I write about drugs and addiction issues, I do so from personal experience, of which I have rather a lot. Okay thanks.

You are always welcome to remix/translate/podfic/fanart/etc anything I've posted here, but I'd love it if you'd let me know about it! However, please do not rearchive my work.

I rarely reply to comments [and I often don't see them right away] but I do reply to questions via email; please give me 24-48 hours.

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