the one in the middle is the fiction-writing kangaroo

My pseuds:
greenkangaroo, Sol
I joined on:
I live in:
just north of hell in a handbasket


I am a carbon based life form that writes fanfiction sometimes between the dayjob I hate and the period I sleep to escape my menial problems.

Some of the fiction I've posted is Tolkien-based and features Eol, a minor character from the Silmarillion appearing in the chapter 'Of Maeglin'.

Nori the Illegal Starfish I mean dwarf is another favorite of mine. Most of my Nori work can be found in Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap), while stories involving his fussy brother Dori are in Raindrops on Roses.

I am a multishipper; you don't knock my armada, I won't war with yours. It's all gravy.

Unless I've said I've abandoned it, I haven't. Sloths move faster than I do.

I do not bite. Often. I can be found on tumblr as greenekangaroo. My askbox is not open to anonymous messages.