the one in the middle is the fiction-writing kangaroo

My pseuds:
greenkangaroo, Sol
I joined on:
I live in:
just north of hell in a handbasket


I am a carbon based life form that writes fanfiction sometimes between the dayjob I neither love nor loathe and the period I sleep to escape my menial problems.

Unless I've said I've abandoned it, I haven't. Sloths move faster than I do. That is not an invitation to demand more.

I do not bite but I am also very bad with communication in general. If you send me an ask or message and I don't respond, it's not because I hate you. It's because I ran out of brain.

That being said.

If you need me outside of AO3 I can be found on tumblr as greenekangaroo. My askbox is open to anonymous messages.