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    MY PURPOSE , now complete, is to archive the epic series the Mellon Chronicles for readers to continue to enjoy. I do not claim authorship or ownership of any work in the Mellon Chronicles - that belongs to Cassia and Siobhan, and to Tolkien.

    As readers may be aware, the original site at which the Chronicles were archived (aragorn-legolas.5u.com) has ceased to exist. I retrieved the all the stories from the online web archive Wayback Machine but I am unsure how much longer they will be available there either. So I am planning on re-posting them all here, in an effort to prevent them from disappearing from the internet altogether. There may be other sites where the works are also archived, but I could not find any from Googling.

    In the series, you can find all of the stories in chronological order (that is to say, the order in which they appear in their entirety, not the order in which they were written).

    If you appreciate being able to read the Mellon Chronicles here and, like me, do not want them to be lost, please comment and let me know. Thank you to everyone who has already done so, it makes me very happy to know that I'm not the only person who still remembers and enjoys these stories :)


    18 May 2015