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If you think you know me, chances are you do. I've had the same e-mail address and more or less the same username since the mid-90s. (No, it is not a thinly-veiled pseudonym for one of the many other Fran*s in fandom.)

Restricting your audience's right to respond to your art in kind is telling your audience that they are a series of wallets, not human beings. Make fanworks of whatever you want. Remix my work as you see fit.

I welcome all dialogue, whether critical or squeeful, as long as its aim is dialogue. I came out in the 90's. I have no more patience for screaming about ideological purity. What someone enjoys in fiction doesn't tell you what they approve of in real life, and other people's unpaid hobby labor exists for their pleasure, not yours. I'll never tell you you can't write your favorite kinks or that you're trash for loving the characters you love. You shouldn't do it to other people either. The internet is nobody's safe space, but we can make it a more pleasant, tolerant space if we choose to.

The back button exists. Learn to use it.