synonym spice!

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me: girl, 27, queer, silly. (or: the tl;dr version!)

current fandoms: Star Trek: AOS, Pretty Little Liars, Scrotal Recall/Lovesick
side fandoms: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Jane the Virgin, Supergirl, Orphan Black, Brooklyn 99,'s After Hours, Galavant, Elementary, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Trek: TOS & DS9, Fresh Off The Boat
ex-fandoms: MERLIN (I mean it's kind of my forever fandom, but also an ex, it's complicated), Community, due South, Teen Wolf, Tierra de Lobos, Supernatural & CW RPF, Doctor Who & Torchwood, The History Boys, Smallville, House M.D., DC Comics, Harry Potter

you can mainly find me on twitter and dreamwidth, but I'm also technically on LJ and tumblr, and you can email me at fiercynn[at]gmail[dot]com!