yet another fangirl with plenty of feelings

My pseuds:
fandomonymous, Kawaii Dragoness
I joined on:
I live in:
New York, NY


I have a long history of fandom (anime, athlete RPF, Let's Player semi-RPF, and indie video games), and fairly regularly participate in Yuletide. I like character studies (especially examining one character from another's perspective), filling in canon, sweet people becoming unexpected leaders, and all kinds of smut, sometimes all at the same time.

If you're curious about my ridiculous history of pseudonyms:

"Kawaii Dragoness" is mostly for older anime stuff, and is also kind of a "default" name if other things fail. I'm @kawaiidragoness on Twitter.

"kawatan" or "Kawa-tan" is for when "Kawaii Dragoness" is too long or too cumbersome, though it's not unique. "Kawa" is a good nickname for me that even people in my real life use; it is also not unique. I used to be "kawaii_dragoness" in Minecraft; now I'm "KawaTan" after Mojang/Microsoft started allowing renaming. "kawaiimae" is an older version, now depreciated, though used for Olympic swimming RPF in 2004. I am kawatan on Reddit and most IRC channels; I'm Kawa-tan on Steam.

"fandomonymous" is only for football/soccer RPF and Yuletide 2011, though thanks to timing it's also my Dreamwidth name.

I am also the moderator of Mindcrack Love, a ship-friendly community of fans of Mindcrack, a set of Let's Players on Youtube. I am /also/ the most active moderator on the Twitch chat of one of the Mindcrackers. I'm still not sure how that happened.