If we deny our happiness, resist our satisfaction, we lessen the importance of their deprivation... We must admit there will be music despite everything.

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chell-surname-redacted, Clockwork_Sky, failsafe, we-protect-each-other
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Tennessee, United States
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My current profile title is from this poem. I enjoy dark stories and tragedy, but my favorites are where awful things happen but then there is a light, one last hope - a back-up plan. I also enjoy domestic things in romantic or platonic relationships. I love found families and the way domesticity might evolve or change based on the unusual circumstances of any given canon. I also love canon-typical violence and adventure.

In real life, I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy (Concentration: Religious Studies) and work in education. I have a revolving door of fandoms that often cycle around themes I like. I love saving the world, superheroes, and time travel.

When I leave replies to comments they're often really long because I rant about my authorial intent. Don't be intimidated, I just like to talk about my babies. I'm basically always willing to engage people about our shared passions, so if you want to talk more let me know.

I'm 26.

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Sheeana is my best friend and one of the best writers you will ever meet. You should go read her stuff and give her feedback. Even if you don't know the fandoms you should read it. It's that good.