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Ayulsa, execharmonious
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I do Stuff, dude. That is to say, I write for a pretty eclectic bunch of fandoms, most of which are hella unpopular. Seriously: many's the time I've been the only one writing for a particular fandom, or the only one writing a particular pairing. (Lunar fandom, I'm looking at you...) This is compounded by the fact that I have a horrible sense of timing and a horrible reading/watching/playing backlog, get to stories years after they're released, and so tend to write for fandoms that are, by the time I get to them, ancient. (Lunar fandom. I'm still looking at you.) I also don't write to be "part of fandom", as such: I write to get the brainweasels out. So I write about the shows I'm into, which usually aren't the shows anyone else is into, and... yeah.

But hey, if you happen to like the things I do, I hope you find some pleasant surprises here.

My earlier GUSTfics aren't all up here, but they can be found at my Blogger blog.