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    In The Avengers, Natasha Romanova says "Love is for children." It's an expression of life as she knows it, and fits the harsh background most of the Avengers have experienced. Trouble is, people don't do very well without love. In particular it's impossible to form a good team if the members don't care about each other.

    So Phil Coulson comes up with a teambuilding exercise to resolve that problem. If love is for children ... then he'll arrange that experience for them. The result is an exploration of nonsexual ageplay to allow a group of very powerful, very broken people to patch up some of the gaps in their lives.

    Most of the stories are very sweet in tone and make for good comfort reading. However, canon gives these characters some very unpleasant pasts, and that comes up as they process the aftermath. So the tone does vary, and some stories are more intense than others. They deal with different characters, relationships, and sensitive issues.

    Some folks have avoided this series for fear that it goes into sexual territory; it doesn't. Same with embarrassment, very low on that.


    11 Jul 2014

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