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elizabeth_rice, PhoenixEnigma
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My Transformative Works Policy.
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My Feedback Policy.

Ratings, Warnings, and Categories - I'll only use default for all of my fanfiction, i. e. Not Rated, Choose Not to Use Archive Warnings, and No Category respectively. Please read the summary of the story instead.

My Pseuds - I've posted my early work under "PhoenixEnigma". My new work will be posted under "elizabeth_rice".

Icons - please see My Pseuds page.

Other Places
For my fanfiction and meta: on dreamwidth: fanfic_by_lizzy.

For my recs and informal fandom meta on dreamwidth: lizzys_study.

I have an account at the Hex Files (a Harry/Draco archive): PhoenixEnigma.

FYI: There is no relation between the actress Elizabeth Rice and the owner of this account.

Last but not least, thank you for reading (my works) and for the kudos. If you wish to, you're welcome to leave feedback.

Last updated: April 2017.