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    Fic 1. When Bucky falls, he's not taken by Hydra. Instead, he's left in the snow and found around the time Steve is, they're reunited and Bucky has a few words for Steve. Fluff.

    Fic 2. Soulmate AU, where Steve and Bucky meet through different lifetimes and hope this newest one will work out. Fluff.

    Fic 3. Before We Go AU, Steve and Bucky meet one night and their lives are forever intertwined. Fluff.

    Fic 4. Beauty & the Beast AU, Steve and Bucky fall in love despite society's cruelties. Fluff.

    Fic 5. Vampire!Bucky & Witch!Steve AU, Bucky knows Steve as soon as he sees him. By his blood. Fluff and Smut.

    Fic 6. Avengers meet Hogwarts. Cute get together fic, just the tale of two Gryffindor dorks falling in love.

    Fic 7. Titanic AU. Fluff + Feels + Smut + Hurt/Comfort. Request.

    Fic 8. Little Red Riding Hood AU. Wolf!Bucky and Riding Hood!Steve. Fluff and feels. Requested by anon.

    Fic 9. Hades and Persephone AU. Hades!Bucky and Persephone!Steve. Requested by anon.


    16 Oct 2017