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The sun shines bright in my old Kentucky home


I'm mostly a lurker, but every so often fic ideas eat my brain. I'm trying to figure out podfic, because I love other people's stories so much more than mine.


*My Transformative Work (Fanfiction, Filk, Podfic, etc.)
Any of my transformative works may in turn be transformed--translations, podfic, art, vids, filk, playing in my sandbox, whatever. I ask that you link me to it, because I want to see it (seriously, I love transformative work; I failed a semester of college because I would rather read fanfic than go to class), but you don't need to worry about formally asking.

*My Original Work (Filk, Fiction)
Fanfic, Translation, Podfic: Go for it! I probably won't read your fic, in case I accidentally steal part of it in a later work, but feel free to do it!
Filk, Art, Vids: Go for it! And show it to me!
Basically, all of your transformative creativity gives me so much joy that my body can't contain the feels.

And if you're on the AO3, I want to believe that you're more awesome than this, but just so it's been said on the record: Plagiarism is not transformative. Not cool, don't do it.