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dancinbutterfly, Ellidyay
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Somewhere in the continental US


I'm Dancinbutterfly or Rachael if you're nasty ;P Cisgendered female, Jewish, heteroflexible, daughter, sister, friend, and polyfandom fangirl ficcer with degree in creative writing from Florida State University. I've been in fandom more than half my life - literally - with no intentions of going anywhere. All my new fic is going to be posted here but if you're looking for my older work (Bandom, Entourage, Drake and Josh, Swimslash, and so many many others omg) its on my Dreamwidth/Livejournal. I'm VERY SLOWLY bringing them over here. For now the bulk of it is at my livejournal or the mirror on dreamwidth. I'm also fairly active on Tumblr if you're looking for the fannish and random. :D

Livejournal: dancinbutterfly
Dreamwidth: dancinbutterfly
Tumblr: rachaelrambles