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I'm Chess.

on twitter @chessgale
Playing with writing events, so I have a Dreamwidth too.
I'm a nonbinary 23 year old who loves writing.

I really like YWPD, DanRon, and Utena. I get weird melodramatic no matter where I go or what I do. I love stories about suicide, trauma, hospitalization, survival, and generally making a step to another day - regardless of it being a better one or not. I also really love Meta-Dressed-As-Fic, my other big go-to and mainstay in fandom.

Just as an FYI: all my fics pretty prominently feature trans characters? In the case of YWPD, I very often use headcanon pronouns, for a few reasons (like the fact that Gender Feelings are kind of a basis of how I approach anything) - and as silly a reason as "I get annoyed using the same pronouns for everyone." I know it can feel disingenuous to some, but that's alright. My point is, there's no real change intended to the characters just because I may HC them with different gender than intended by their canon.

I really like "blackrom" shipping, which just amounts to ... relationships founded in rivalry, antagonism and/or hate. Sometimes this allows a particular kind of "fairness" but that's complicated. Everything is complicated. Life is an endless portrait we fall through, deeper and deeper, until I refuse this metaphor and stop talking.