Addicted to Epiphanies


"I trade my life for words." Anna Kamienska

crookedspoon can be found on any of the following platforms: Dreamwidth - livejournal - twitter - tumblr (spamblr-main) - Imzy.

crookedspoon uses it or they/them pronouns.

Transformative Works Policy:
- Yes! I'm all in favour of transformative works. You don't need prior permission to create art/translations/podfics/etc. based on my work (with the exception of those posted under AO3-lock; I'd rather you didn't click on them in the first place), so long as your creation is not for commercial use.
- If you'd like to remix or write sequels of a work, please ask!
- Please use AO3's "Inspired by" function and/or drop me a link so I know the work exists.
- Repods are A-OK! I'd appreciate it if you'd link me to your version, so I can listen to it as well!