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My original fandom was Supernatural, starting back in 2008 and I still follow that fandom and show, what there is left of it. I still write the occasional SPN story, but I'm now reading more (and writing some) in Generation Kill. Justified is the show that I wait to see, along with Sons of Anarchy, when it's on the air. These days I record a lot of podfic, too, probably more than I write. If you're having trouble with links, go to Jinjurly's podfic archive I also crosspost to LJ and Dreamwidth as chemm80.


Policy on Transformative Works: If any of my fannish creations should inspire you to make one of your own, I'd be so thrilled and flattered. Audiofics, remixes, fanmixes, whatever—it's all good. The only thing I would ask is that you please let me know that you did because I would love so much to hear about the fact of it and how it came to be.