kinkshaming is a way of life

My pseuds:
aroceu, censored, domo, kingdra
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we're all the real housewives of somewhere


(also known as that bitch who keeps updating "the social network" tag in 2017)

if my ao3 is hard to read, view my fandoms over here, it might be a bit easier :)
here is a sampler of my fic, if you don't know where to start.

i am aro! you can call me aro!
chinese-american, intp, ravenclaw, adult(18+), no pronouns, aspiring compsci
writes a lot of shortfic, determined to prove my ability for longform things eventually.
uses this username pretty much everywhere.
renaissance is my fandom wife go read her fics


transformative works policy: this is blanket permission to translate, remix, pod, art, or create any other sort of derivative work of my writing! but i request that you please (a) let me know beforehand (or afterward), (b) link to my work in yours somewhere, and also (c) provide a link for me when you're done so i can add it in the notes of my own work.

and even if i don't reply, i adore and get delighted by every comment!