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Hi! I'm angellwings! I've been a fanfiction writer since 1999. My works prior to 2003 will forever be hidden from the public, lol. I removed them from the internet years ago and they will never been seen again.Trust me they're not worth reading. I started out writing Nsync fiction and from there moved on to Power Rangers and then to other fandoms like Smallville and High School Musical. More recently I've been writing JONAS and Camp Rock fanfictions. I haven't done Real People fics since my Nsync days and I don't plan to anytime soon. I have this fear that the real people I would write about would somehow get a hold of the fics and laugh at how naive I am for thinking I know them well enough to write them.

But I will write about JONAS and Camp Rock and all the fluffy goodness that follows for as long as I have time to probably. In my 24 years of existence I've yet to truly outgrow anything. I'm still just as obsessed with Nsync and Power Rangers as I used to be back in the day. I promise. I've got a Peter Pan complex and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm forever young at heart so therefore I'll be forever young for the rest of my life. Thanks for checking out my info, and I hope you like my fics! You can find more at under the very same pen name! Happy reading!