Learning to Dance in the Rain

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Hello there! I'm Ana, and I have a crossover problem. I am kind of awful at remembering to upload things to AO3 - expect to see backdated works, because when I remember to bring them over I tend to want dates to match.

Like any author, I love getting comments. Constructive criticism is fine - I might not agree with you, but I'll do my best to listen. ...that said, I am kind of bad at replying to comments in a timely manner. So here's my apology, in advance.

In general, I am in favor of transformative works (podfic, art, translations, etc)! However, I would prefer it if you were to ask me about the piece you are interested in transforming.


Where you can find me: Dreamwidth (← fastest way to grab my attention) | Plurk | Tumblr | Twisting the Hellmouth | Twitter